Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happened to buzzcards?

‘Buzzcards’ have been rebranded and now called ‘Yellow Cards’. The top-up cards (5 and 10) have been withdrawn as they are very slow to process.

* 1 day – still £3 per adult and £2 per child
* Week – now 7 days, still £12
* 4 week – now 30 days, still £48
* 13 week – now 90 days and great value at £115
* Top up cards – withdrawn to aid bus punctuality – these were our slowest tickets to issue. Until July, when a child 7 day ticket will be available at the travel office, we are selling 5 child day tickets for the price of 4 through our travel office in the Square.

Why have you changed the fares?

A lot of work has been undertaken to simplify our fare structure, whilst keeping our routes good value for money. This will inevitably mean that some people pay slightly more now, and others less. Many people who paid £1.80 single, have seen the maximum fare reduced to £1.60 for example. We have retained three levels of fares to allow for people making short, medium or long hops. Importantly, we have also kept our day tickets at £3 per adult and £2 per child and introduced a family/group ticket at £7 for up to 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Will all of the buses be re-painted in the new livery? I would also like to know whether you are planning on investing in brand new buses.

Our bus fleet is gradually being repainted into the new livery and all buses already carry the new logo. We are concentrating on introducing big batches of refurbished low-floor easy access buses, rather than purchasing just a few new buses. We hope that this policy will mean a total conversion to low-floor in the next year, after which we will consider our purchasing policy again.

Is there any chance of co-operation between Yellow Buses and W&D in terms of inter-availability of tickets.

Few integrated ticket schemes allow for more than one operator to recoup their costs, at a fare that is viable for the passenger. There are also strict competition laws which affect bus companies and it is very hard to make joint tickets work without a public body sponsoring such a scheme.

You seem to have taken off a lot of buses from Southbourne, such as the 31 and 68. Why?

Unfortunately these routes have been experiencing heavy financial losses for some time, and we have had to concentrate our resources around a core network of sustainable routes. However we have improved the old 22 route – now a 1c to a bus every 20 mins (which now also goes to Poole via Upper Parkstone) and connections are available at Boscombe or Christchurch to the rail station, Hospital and Castlepoint.