Runaway husky books a trip on transdev Yellow Buses

A RETURN ticket to Siberia please… and make it snappy.

A husky nicknamed ‘Ticket’ found himself with a bus all to himself after being captured dodging traffic on the busy A31 at St Leonards in Dorset.

Quick-thinking bus driver John Hall saw the dog running wild while on a school bus run.

He stopped his single-decker by the side of the busy dual carriageway and used whistles to attract the husky’s attention.

Once the dog was safely on board John drove to Transdev Yellow Buses’ head office and main depot in Bournemouth where ‘Ticket’ was kept in a manager’s office until collected by a dog warden from East Dorset District Council.

Jenni Wilkinson, Communications and Marketing Manager, said ‘Ticket’ had to be one of the most unusual pieces of lost property handed in for some time.

“We’ve had pink fur handcuffs, ladies’ underwear, raw meat and false teeth but never a husky dog!” laughed Jenni.

The dog was later reunited with its owners after they contacted East Dorset Council.