Why Change?

Why did the network need to change at all?

The old network needed to change to take account of the development of the Bournemouth area in recent years. The new network significantly simplifies our routes, making them more punctual, direct and easy to understand.

By serving the main roads, we can offer a better service to the majority of our customers, with research showing that people want direct routes to the key destinations, in preference to routes that serve every housing estate. In essence, people want the bus to go the same way as they would in their car. Extra buses have also been put into the network to improve punctuality up to the best possible levels.

How have you come to these decisions?

We spent many months looking at ticket sales, talking to our staff, researching customers’ and non-customers’ views and travelling on the network. We also carried out one of the most comprehensive timing and punctuality studies ever undertaken by a UK bus company. All the decisions we took were designed to create a sustainable network that is reliable, punctual and easy to understand.

Why change the route numbers?

We have designed all the new numbers to be logical and easy to understand because research has shown that people see three routes as three separate frequencies, even when they travel the same route. For example, the 20, 22 and 23 from Boscombe to town were seen as three routes running every 15 mins each for the 20 and 23, with 30 mins between each 22. People didn’t think of the 3 routes creating a 6 minute frequency. With the new network, all you need is any route 1 bus, and what’s more, they run every 5 minutes too!

When will new timetables/maps be available?

Timetables are available online now or from our Travel Office in the Square. We have also taken this opportunity to improve our passenger information with new maps, bus stop flags, timetable cases and a refreshed website. All maps/timetables remain free of charge.

What will happen to fares?

Our new fares structure is much simpler to understand and remains good value for money. For more information view our fares page.