Remember, remember… Launch of extra value trip cards

TWO new extra value ‘trip cards’ were launched by Yellow Buses on Sunday, November 5, in direct response to passenger feedback.

PayPoint CardsThe £10 ’10 trip adult’ card give ten single journeys of any length for £1 apiece while a separate £6 ’10 trip child’ card provides ten single journeys of any distance for 60p apiece.

Jenni Wilkinson, Communications & Marketing Manager, said: “The trip cards – in particular the child version – are in direct response to comments from our passengers and will assist families with their travel to and from schools.”

Yellow Buses also announced that, from November 5, anyone topping up their mobile phone or paying a household bill at a convenience store displaying the PayPoint sign can also now purchase one of the company’s Yellow Cards. There are more than 80 local PayPoint agents.

The cards include day tickets providing all day travel for groups/families costing £7 as well as adult 7, 30 and 90 day cards.

“ PayPoint is a very convenient service which we think will be extremely popular with our customers,” added Mrs Wilkinson.