Text for the bus instead of drink and driving

CATCHING one of our buses this Christmas?
Then make sure you Text 4 Times first!

Poole and Bournemouth’s excellent network of modern and convenient bus services are a great way of getting around town, but waiting at bus stops can be a chilly business.

The Text 4 Times service allows you to check latest bus times and whether your bus is running on time from the comfort of your own home, office, school or even the pub, via your mobile phone.

The system uses satellite technology to track your bus. Each bus stop has a sign with a unique seven-digit code e.g. pleawma. By texting this code to 84268, users receive a message with the times of the next three buses from that stop, meaning you can arrive at the stop just as your bus does.

It’s like having a Real Time Information display in your pocket. The information on the text is also given out in the same format as the electronic displays e.g. 1b in 5min. If the time in minutes is not available, you’ll receive the latest timetable information instead e.g. 26 @ 11:01.

The service usually costs 25 pence per text message plus your standard network charge, but thanks to Traveline, the 25 pence fee will not be charged for enquiries about bus stops in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset throughout December.

Don’t forget you can also check your local bus stop codes on www.travelinesw.com by inputting place name, postcode or address. Save your codes in your mobile so you can check exactly how the buses are running wherever you are.