Fare changes announced by Yellow Buses

YELLOW Buses is to increase the price of some of its fares from November 28.

Other than changes to promotional fares on routes 1 and 3, it is the first rise since December 2008.

But passengers purchasing network top ups from the driver using a Glo card will see a reduction.

Glo smartcards

Examples of Glo cards

A week’s adult network travel topped up by the driver on a Glo card is reduced by £1 to £14, a 30 day Glo Card top up with the driver falls to £50 and a 90 day top up to £135. A week’s child’s network travel is reduced to £9 and a 30 day to £28.

Elsewhere, adult single short and medium hop journeys will go up 10p to £1.20 and £1.70 respectively while short and medium hop returns also increase to £1.70 and £2.50. Child singles rise by 10p to £1.

The special medium hop adult single on route 3 will increase by 10p to £1.30 while a route 3 special medium hop return will cost £2.

A maximum return on route 1 will increase to £3 and an adult day ticket will be £3.40. A walleted weekly ticket, purchased on the bus, rises by £1 to £12.

Example of walleted ticket

The cost of adult 30 day and 90-day network walleted tickets, purchased from the driver or Paypoint and Paypoint Glo top ups, increase to £55 and £145 respectively. A child 30 day ticket, purchased in this way, rises to £32.

Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, said: “Despite these increases, bus travel still represents exceptional value, particularly weekly, 30 day and 90 day tickets which are purchased from the driver using a Glo smart card. These can work out at just £1.50 for all-day travel on our network of routes.”

For full listing of fares (as of 28th November) please click here