Changes to non-core routes by Yellow Buses from June 26

YELLOW Buses is to make changes to several non-core routes next month.

Routes affected are the 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 36 and 49 routes.

The changes take effect from Sunday June 26 and new timetables will be available from June 13. 

The changes include:

  • Route 20 (Poole to Castlepoint) – Revised timetable to improve punctuality with extra buses in the morning peak. Journeys rerouted from Bournemouth via Braidley Road, Cemetery Junction, Wellington Road, Bennett Road, Charminster, Heron Court Road, Green Road, Gresham Road, Charminster Avenue and West Way. Buses will no longer serve East Avenue, Winton or Brassey Road. Glenferness Avenue will be served by an improved route 36.
  • Route 21 (Bournemouth to Burton) – The timetable has been revised although the extra journeys between Burton and Jumpers Corner will no longer run and most buses have been retimed.
  • Route 24 (Alum Chine to Castlepoint) – As part of the nationwide budgetary pressure local authorities are facing, Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC) has had to examine its current spending levels on all subsidised routes. Route 24 is currently subsidised by BBC between Bournemouth Town Centre and Castlepoint and during the evenings and Sunday daytimes between Alum Chine and Bournemouth Station. In partnership with BBC Yellow Buses has worked hard to retain a service for the vast majority of passengers. As a result, route 24 will be replaced by routes 2a and 2b to Alum Chine and revised route 20 via Bennett Road, Charminster, Green Road and Charminster Avenue.
  • Route 25 (Boscombe to Bournemouth University) – Slight changes to timings in the afternoon to improve reliability.
  • Route 26 (Boscombe to Poole) – Route will run via Ringwood Road direct and not through Rossmore Estate which will be served by an improved route 27. Timing changes all day with an extra journey at 1935 from Poole to Wallisdown.
  • Route 27 (Poole to Kinson) – Increased to hourly with all journeys operating via Bearwood. Additionally rerouted via Rossmore to replace route 26. Extra morning journey will run and all buses will be extended to/from Northbourne.
  • Route 29 (Bournemouth to West Moors) – will be renumbered 4c with some timing changes.
  • Route 36 (Talbot View to Bournemouth University) – Revised simplified route with all journeys operating hourly from Bournemouth via Glenferness Avenue to Wallisdown. Braidley Road will be served by route 20 instead. Journeys will also serve Fern Barrow loop, giving a direct link to Bournemouth from this area.
  • Route 49 (Lytchett Minster to Bournemouth) – This school day only service is to be withdrawn.   
  • Route 18 (Bournemouth to Broadstone) and route 39 (Bournemouth to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital) – No changes to these routes.