Yellow Buses say ‘sorry’ to Jean with flowers

A PENSIONER who was left to walk home in the rain has received a personal apology and a bouquet of flowers from Yellow Buses.

Saying it with Flowers - Mrs Kopec accepts bouquet from Jenni Wilkinson

Jean Kopec’s plight was featured in the Daily Echo after she was asked to leave her bus because the service was terminating.

The 86-year-old described how she had been left frightened and shaken.

Yellow Buses said that the driver had acted correctly as the company is not permitted by law to carry a fare-paying passenger after a service has terminated.

However, Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, said the matter could have been handled more sensitively by the driver and Yellow Buses was sorry for the distress caused to Mrs Kopec.

Now, following a personal visit by Jenni to Mrs Kopec’s Westbourne home with a bouquet of flowers, the pensioner says she accepts the company’s apology.

Mrs Kopec said: “I have used Yellow Buses ever since I moved here in 1990 and I’ve never had any problems. The drivers have always been very polite and nice.

“I have no complaint with Yellow Buses but just this particular driver. However, I accept the apology and the flowers are just gorgeous.”

Jenni said: “We work hard to get it right every time with our customer service but this time something went wrong.

“Jean is a loyal passenger on the Yellows. We’re delighted she has accepted our apology and look forward to welcoming her back on our services in the very near future.”