Wordsmith Alison wins Valentine’s Day poem contest

TALENTED wordsmith Alison Nuorto felt the love of Yellow Buses (YB) when she won an annual contest to ‘beat the bus bard.’

Valentine POem Competition Winner 2012

Feeling the love: Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, and Yellows’ driver Andy Harris present competition winner Alison Nuorto with flowers, chocolates and a 30-day Glo card.

Alison, who teaches English as a foreign language, was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates as well as a Glo smartcard with 30 days’ free travel.

The Yellows challenged budding writers to pen a suitably corny poem as part of the bus company’s preparations for Valentine’s Day.

Alison was picked as the winner after penning a three stanza poem which will appear in 4,000 Valentine cards.

The cards, together with red roses, will be presented to passengers on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14.

Alison, who lives in Westbourne and also writes short stories in her spare time, said: “This is the third time I’ve entered the competition and I’m really happy to have won.”

Jenni Wilkinson, YB’s Head of Marketing, said: “We had a record number of entries this year after challenging people to beat the bus bard. The age of romance is certainly not dead.

“Alison’s poem absolutely stood out and she now has the satisfaction of seeing her name printed in thousands of Valentine Day cards.”

Alison’s poem reads:

On this, the most romantic day,

This heartfelt message comes your way,

Because we feel the need to say,

You’re special to us, in every way.

Whether you’re a mother, a student, or an OAP,

If you’re eighteen, sixty, or ninety three,

We’re think you’re great, we love you dearly,

And hope this little rhyme expresses it clearly.

So, as you go about your day,

We hope we’ve sent some love your way.

Now there only remains one thing to say,

We wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!