Mops at the ready as Daniel does sponsored bus wash

Enterprising student Daniel Harwood turned his hand to washing buses in a bid to raise money for a school trip to Africa.


Mopping up: Daniel Harwood, 13, joins Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, for the sponsored bus wash at Yellow Buses’ Bournemouth depot.

The 13-year-old, who goes to Oakmead College of Technology, is joining a 23-strong party to one of the poorest parts of Ethiopia this October.

Organised in conjunction with the Cred Foundation (, the Oakmead students will be helping youngsters in Addis Ababa during a ten-day visit.

Daniel has so far raised hundreds of pounds from a number of fundraising initiatives including being sponsored to give up chocolate and holding car boot sales.

In a bid to hit his £1,400 target he contacted Yellow Buses and offered to wash a bus in return for a donation.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, said: “We were very impressed by Daniel’s approach and only too happy to help.

“It was perfect timing as Daniel helped us get our flagship Jubilee bus in spick and span condition for the Olympic celebrations.”

Mum Fiona Harwood-Smith, of Bearwood, said: “Daniel has worked really hard to raise money for the trip. I’m very proud of him.”