Yellows act over concerns about new school bus arrangements

Yellow Buses has stepped in to stop dozens of school students potentially being stranded at bus stops when the new school term starts in September.

Previously due to the volume of students, Yellow Buses operated two buses together on route 46 linking Throop and Avonbourne and Harewood Colleges in Bournemouth.

Under new arrangements, put in place by Bournemouth Borough Council, two operators, including Yellow Buses, were awarded a new contract to provide one bus each.

The other operator’s service is scheduled to run approximately 15 minutes earlier than previously and will go a different way from Winton Banks. It will also take longer to get to the schools.

The new arrangements meant that the only way Yellow Buses would have room available for the students that board after Winton Banks would be to operate non-stop between Muscliffe Lane and Winton Banks. Students would not have been picked up at intermediate stops.

Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, said: “We are  very concerned that students will be left stranded at stops which were no longer being served by us.

“We are simply not prepared to stand by and see this happen so we have decided to continue to operate a duplicate bus as we did previously. This will be from the start of the new school term and both buses will serve the existing stops.

“This extra service is being provided at no cost to the council with the expense being picked up by Yellow Buses. It is not a long-term solution but will avoid a potentially difficult situation developing at the start of the new term.”

“We have informed Bournemouth Borough Council and I understand they are very grateful to Yellow Buses for taking this initiative.”

Full details of the school routes operated by Yellow Buses.