Brollie good show! Record rainfall leads to lost umbrellas

FORGETFUL bus passengers have left behind some bizarre items over the last year – including a set of divorce papers.

Umbrella Man

Umbrella man: Gareth Edwards, Yellow Buses’ Customer Services Manager, with a few of the 124 umbrellas left on the company’s buses in the last year.

Staff on Yellow Buses also discovered numerous pairs of crutches that were accidentally abandoned by customers.

The company, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, had a tattoo kit handed in, as well as a number of hearing aids and a set of bongo drums.

Other items left on the firm’s fleet of 148 buses and coaches in the last year included a tape deck, printer and a bag of coat hangers.

Passengers also regularly left behind children’s car seats and pushchairs.

The most common things left on the buses were mobile phones, with 276 handed in during the last 12 months.

And this was closely followed by 124 umbrellas. It is the highest number of brollies ever handed in and that was due to the amount of rain we’ve had.

This summer was the wettest in 100 years.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing for Yellow Buses, said: “We always try and reunite lost property with the owners.

“But if we can’t then we make sure the items are put to good use.

“For example, phones go to help support the air ambulance and any shoes go to the Variety Club, which raises money for sick children.

“Any textiles we send to BCHA, a local housing and social care support provider, as well as the Lewis-Manning hospice in Poole.

“All other items are donated to the Lewis-Manning charity shop. All glasses left behind and not claimed we send to the charity Mission for Vision.

“We’ve never had divorce papers left behind before and we like to think that someone changed their mind and the couple got back together.

“Phones are the most common thing left behind and there were a lot of umbrellas handed in this year and I think that was because of all the rain we’ve had.

“With over 14 million journeys each year, it probably isn’t too surprising that some things get left behind, but if we can’t reunite the item with the owner then at least it will do some good locally.”