Yellow Buses pulls out all the stops


Glo Cards

Yellow Buses has driven through an industry first by allowing passengers to top up their travel cards online for next day use.

With the industry norm being 48 hours, the Bournemouth-based company has stolen a march on its rivals.

Passengers can now top-up their ‘Glo’ cards through Yellow Buses’ new, tablet-friendly website as well as on the bus, in a shop or at its office in Bournemouth Square.

Any top-ups done before midnight will be ready the next morning to collect through the ticket machine on the bus.

Yellow Buses was reacting to customer feedback and developed the quicker system to help keep it ahead of rivals.

The system gives added security and it is greener because the same smartcard can be topped up again and again, cutting down on the use of paper.

With the added convenience, Yellow Buses has noticed an increase in use of the cards, which were first introduced in 2010 and replaced the ‘Yellow Cards’.

When passengers board a bus they simply tap the card on the Electronic Ticket Machine and off they ‘Glo’.

And the popularity of the cards has been proven with the number of transactions on them almost doubling in a single year.

The cards also have added features, such as passengers being able to upload their own photos onto them.

And customers who register receive personalised birthday cards, offers and promotions.

And thanks to other innovative ideas, customers can use Yellow Buses’ website to plan a journey – and find out how much it costs.

This increase in transparency has also taken the industry into new territory.

Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, said: “When we introduced the Glo cards they were a major step forward.

“They allowed passengers to travel in a simple, smart and clever way and have become more and more popular.

“But one thing our customers really wanted was to be able to top them up ready for the next day.

“And now they can, which we believe is an industry first. We are very proud of the system and hope the cards will become even more popular.

“We have also introduced new levels of transparency and we have a great journey planning application on our website – which also includes fare prices and shows savings when you ‘Glo’.

“This is unusual for bus operators and it means our passengers will find travelling with us much easier.”