Bus-mad Mark gets personal tour

A bus-mad teenager with severe learning difficulties was given a special tour of the Yellow Buses depot – after he bought the drivers two large boxes of chocolates.

Mark Nash

Mark at the wheel of a bus with dad David.

Mark, 14, wanted to say thank you to the staff for looking after him over 12 years, and Yellow Buses thought he deserved a special day out.

Mark’s dad David has taken him on a Yellow Bus every weekend since he was three, and it is the highlight of the week for the teenager.

The drivers all know him and he has become popular with them and other passengers.

Mark Nash

l-r… Ann Nash, mum, Mark, dad David, and Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing for Yellow Buses.

Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, Jenni Wilkinson, took him on the tour of several buses and he was able to sit on the drivers’ seats and open and shut the doors.

Mark grinned with enthusiasm as he examined the buses at YB’s depot in Yeomans Way in Bournemouth.

His dad and mum Ann were delighted to see him enjoy himself.

David said: “He loves Yellow Buses and I’ve been taking on them every weekend for 12 years.

“The drivers are all so kind and patient and he wanted to thank them by buying them some chocolates.

“He loves buses so much that they are the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning.

“On the buses he often gives out the leaflets to the passengers.”

Jenni Wilkinson said: “It was very touching for Mark to buy some chocolates for the drivers and the least we could do was show him around the buses.

“Our drivers will love the sweets and we’ll put one box at Yeomans Way and another at our base in Bournemouth Square.”

Marks suffers from cerebral palsy as well as learning difficulties. He attends Linwood School in Bournemouth.