Time’s up on the timetable

Yellow Buses has announced that it has called time on printing copies of its full timetable.

The new timetable bookletstimetable-holder4-low-res

The information will instead be available in dedicated booklets for individual services, and online.

The specially-tailored booklets will provide all the times, plus maps, details about where to board, and diagrams of the network.

They are easier to carry and passengers can collect the ones relevant to their journeys.

The company was finding that the information in the full timetable was out of date so quickly it was having to print more and more additional booklets to keep up.

The new system will save money and trees and will benefit the passengers of a modern public transport company.

Every effort has been made to keep passengers involved in the decision-making process and the company believes the majority of its customers will support the changes.

Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, Jenni Wilkinson, said: “It was a difficult decision to make because our timetable has been printed for many decades, and we know some people will be disappointed and so have looked at increasing the ways we can make the information available.

“Unfortunately the cost of printing and the fact it was so quickly out of date meant it was best to change the way we provide our passengers with information.

“Each service will have its own booklet that will contain all the times as well as other information that we know passengers want.

“The way that our passengers access information has been changing and the printed timetable isn’t always the simplest way to get the information.

“We also have bespoke information at every one of our 1000-plus bus stops on our network.

“We have worked hard to ensure that passengers will stay in their comfort zone with the changes so there will be maps, destinations pages and a network schematic, alongside our usual area maps and destination booklets.

“There is also a separate “fares and information” leaflet.

“All information is available online at our website that is now smart phone and tablet-friendly and we have downloadable PDFs if required.  For those passengers in our network area who need to have more than one booklet we have also designed a handy box to keep the timetables together.

“And for those with smart phones we are moving towards QR codes and Near Field technology  at bus stops, on buses, advertisements and literature that will link you through to the information you require.”

The changes will be taking effect throughout March.