Beat The Bus Bard


We are challenging all you budding poets to enter a Valentine’s Day contest and ‘beat the bus bard’. For the last 7 years YB has celebrated the romantic day by presenting red roses and cards to passengers.The cards carry a suitably corny poem thanking people for travelling on the ‘Yellows’ throughout the year. We are throwing down the gauntlet and inviting passengers to ‘beat the bus bard’ and have their poem chosen for publication.

The winner will receive something lovely and sweet, roses and a complimentary 30 day Glo card. The company has started off the first two verses and is looking for at least one more to complete it.

The YB contribution begins:


We see you standing at the stop

And what we’d love to know

Is if you’d take a trip with us

Because we love to Glo

We Glo to Bournemouth & to Poole

Christchurch and Boscombe too

What would make our day the most

Is Glo ing there with you


Entrants can either add to this or come up with a completely new set of verses if they wish.

Entries should be emailed to [email protected] and the winning verse, if YB’s bard is beaten, will be printed in the Valentine’s Day card ready for February 14. Closing date for entries is Friday January 31st 2014. Entrants should include their name, address and a daytime telephone number.