Bournemouth artist goes through Yellow period

Artist Denise Poote will be drawing on all her experience after being granted the first ever residency on board Yellow Buses.

Denise Poote gets to work with her pencil

She is pootling about on the Yellows with a pencil and paper creating art based on what she sees through the windows.

When the month’s residency is over the works will be displayed at the Six project space in Roumelia Lane in Boscombe.

Denise never looks at her drawing while she is doing it because she gets travel sick, so instead she keeps her eyes looking at what is outside.

The drawings are a semblance of what she sees, which might include just a flicker of a landmark.

Each artwork is built up over the journey and they will be named after the particular service she is on.

The Bournemouth-based bus company is supporting Denise with a travel pass and the artist says passengers have been supportive.

She said: “I am local and am very interested in the town and how it is used and I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of years.

“Yellow Buses have been very helpful and given me access to the buses, and I’m riding around on them drawing.

“Passengers have been interested, especially the schoolchildren who all want to know what I’m doing.

“I’m creating are pencil drawings and I build up a semblance of the landscape that I pass through.

“When I’ve finished they will displayed and hopefully people will come along and look at them and interpret what they see.”

Jenni Wilkinosn, Head of marketing at Yellow Buses, said: “We thought this was a great idea and an artist’s residency on buses might be unique.

“Our staff are all intrigued and I’m sure plenty will be going to have a look at the exhibition.”

The pictures will be displayed at the Six project space over the weekend of February 21 to 23, or by appointment from February 17 to 20.