Yellow Buses get even brighter

VEHICLES operated by Yellow Buses are now even safer and more efficient after the company invested in a state-of-the-art diagnostic system for its fleet.

Yellows’ Head of Engineering Malcolm Venn (left) with Alan Wise from Volvo and Yellows’ engineers.

The equipment can even predict problems before they happen allowing engineers to take preventative action.

The Yellows have 166 vehicles and a large percentage have Volvo engines and chassis.

Recently the engineers at the Bournemouth-based firm were trained on the new diagnostic equipment.

Alan Wise, from Volvo, took them through the software that allows them to analyse the information contained within the buses’ on board computers.

Malcolm Venn, Yellow Buses’ Head of Engineering, said: “Previously when we had a problem we had to call out an engineer, but now we can do everything in-house.

“Not only does the software tell us exactly what is wrong with a bus and how to fix it, but it warns us about future problems.

“We can then replace parts before they wear out, meaning the buses spend less time in the workshops and more time on the road.

“All our buses have on board computers and we are able to examine all that information and it ultimately makes our buses even safer.”

Last year the Yellows spent £1.1 million on eight new StreetLite Max single-deckers as it continues to expand and update its fleet.