Young Charlie gets birthday treat at Yellow Buses

6 Today

Bus-mad Charlie Spetch got a sixth birthday present he will never forget – a trip around the Yellow Buses’ depot.

The youngster loves nothing more than travelling on buses – and when he can’t do that he just likes to watch them.

And his enthusiasm for the buses has grown even more after his family moved into a house with a Yellow Buses’ stop right outside.

Charlie knows the buses’ numbers and where they go and has strong opinions about the interiors.

He likes getting an all-day ticket and travelling around with his dad Nigel, mum Joanna and sister Sophie, seven.

When Nigel asked Yellow Buses if his son could have a closer look around for his birthday, the company was pleased to help.

In fact, Charlie had a tour for his fifth birthday and considers it a real treat to visit the depot and see so many buses all in one place.

On his latest visit he became the very first member of the public to look around the brand new Volvo Wright Gemini buses that have just been purchased by the company.

He was able to sit on the drivers’ seats and explore the buses while no one else was on them.

Jenni Wilkinson, Yellows’ Head of Marketing, showed Charlie around the depot at Yeomans Way in Bournemouth.

Dad Nigel said: “He loved every moment of the tour and it really was kind of Yellow Buses to take time out to give him a birthday treat.

“He was thrilled to explore the brand new buses and hopes they’ll be running on the service that passes our house.”

Charlie said: “I can see the buses from my bedroom so I never miss a bus now.”

Jenni said: “It was a pleasure to show Charlie around. He is very enthusiastic about Yellow Buses and asked lots of questions especially about the interiors.

“We enjoyed giving him a tour for his fifth birthday last year and hope to see him again when he turns seven.

“And when he’s older we’d love to have him back as a driver.”