Yellow Buses has a brighter site

Gareth Edwards, Naomi Estall, Jenni Wilkinson and Sally Spicer - all from Yellow Buses.

Passengers on Yellow Buses can now find out when the next service is due thanks to a bright innovation on the company’s website.

They simply log-in to, ‘favourite’ the services and stops they use and only relevant details will appear on their computers, mobiles and tablet devices.

The software means that passengers can filter out any information that is not helpful.

Currently the system uses details from the timetable, but soon real-time information will be available.

The buses and stops send a constant stream of data to the company, so users will be able to get up-to-the-second information about their journeys.

Produced by Base, the system will ultimately allow people to check where a particular service is, how long until the next bus, or whether there are any traffic issues on the route.

The upgrade to the website is the latest innovation from Bournemouth-based Yellow Buses.

Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ Head of Marketing, said: “We are continuing to push forward with innovative and bright ways to improve the travelling experience for our passengers.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Base to bring this to fruition, and we have other exciting plans in the pipeline.”

Tom Quay from Base, which is situated in Bournemouth, said: “As passengers we have to make sense of a lot of information quickly when we travel and these new features will help to give everyone only the information that’s useful.”