April network changes announced by Yellow Buses


YELLOW Buses (YB) has announced a number of network changes from Sunday April 26.

They include:

  • Service 4c will operate four journeys in each direction on Sundays.
  • Service 20’s route is being amended to remove the Lilliput loop.
  • Services 19 and 25 are merging with service 26 to form service 26a.

The new 4c Sunday journeys will operate in each direction from West Moors to Bournemouth (0849, 1049, 1349 and 1540) and Bournemouth to West Moors (0950, 1250, 1450 and 1640).

The journey times have been timed to complement YB’s 4a and 4b services, where possible.

The withdrawal of service 20’s Lilliput loop means that it will no longer include the sections between the junction of Sandecotes Road with Alton Road and Sandbanks Road with Elgin Road.

Instead the service will operate along Alton Road, Broadwater Avenue and Pottery Road.

The section has been withdrawn by the Borough of Poole which has made the decision to vary the route as part of its bus subsidy consultation to deliver financial savings.

The merger of services 19 and 25 with service 26 to form the 26a takes effect from Monday April 27.

Service 26/26a will operate on a 30 minute combined headway from Boscombe Bus Station to Poole Bus Station, Monday to Saturday.

Service 26 will operate along its current route for the entire journey. Service 26a will operate along the current service 25 route between Boscombe Bus Station and Bournemouth University and also the current service 19 route linking Alderney, Rossmore and Poole.

It will also operate along the current service 26 route between Alderney and Bournemouth University as a new common section of route.

Full details about the new timetables will be available on the Yellows’ website at www.bybus.co.uk approximately two weeks before the changes take effect.