Three is the Magic Number

It’s easy threesy on the Yellows

There’s magic in the air on Yellow Buses’ Number 3 service.

Passengers are being surprised by staff who hop onto buses offering them a chance to win prizes.Three is the Magic Number

The ‘3 is the magic number’ promotion was launched at 3pm on the third day of the third month on Service 3.

Passengers have to pick a card at random and on the reverse it says which prize they have won.

It could be three days’ free travel or three chocolate goodies – every card is a winner.

The Number 3 service runs between Bournemouth town centre and the hospital, stopping at various places including Castlepoint and the railway station.

And any passengers traveling when staff jump on might have the chance to pick up a prize.

Jenni Wilkinson, Yellows’ Head of Marketing, said: “We often hold competitions on social media, but it’s great to get out and meet our passengers in person.

“For the ‘3 is the magic number promotion’ we hold up a fan of special cards and ask passengers to select one and on the back is the prize they’ve won.

“There are a variety of prizes – all in threes – and the chocolate ones have been particularly popular.

“Some prizes are free travel and we can add that to a passenger’s Glo card if they have one.

“We want passengers to look out for us on the Number 3 service so we can surprise them with a bit of magic.”