Yellows turn red and black

Cherry Bear and Neil


Yellow Buses turned red and black to get behind the Cherries in their promotion push for Premier League glory.


AFC Bournemouth’s mascot Cherry Bear made a visit to the Yellows’ depot then went into town to meet some of the staff who had dressed up.


Drivers, engineers and admin staff donned red and black as the town got behind Eddie Howe’s team before their game against Bolton.


Yellows staff showing their support for #AFCB on red and black day


Jenni Wilkinson, Yellows’ Head of Marketing, said: “One of our drivers Neil Cousins is a huge Cherries fan and suggested staff wear club colours to support the team.

Cherry Bear and Neil

“We thought it was a great idea and encouraged everyone to come to work wearing red and black.

“We are also very grateful to AFC Bournemouth mascot Cherry Bear who came to meet our staff.

Cherry Bear and Neil

“We’re right behind Bournemouth and hope we’ll be taking fans to home games in the Premier League.

“Lots of fans go to games on a Yellow Bus and we’d like to encourage AFC Bournemouth season ticket holders to contact us and find out how they can save with the Yellows.”