A Case for romance

A Case for romance

Brian Case, winner of Yellow Buses' 2016 'beat the bus bard' competition, with Fiona Harwood (left) and Head of Yellows’ Marketing Jenni Wilkinson.

Brian Case, winner of Yellow Buses’ 2016 ‘beat the bus bard’ competition, with Fiona Harwood (left) and Head of Yellows’ Marketing Jenni Wilkinson.

Poet Brian Case was this year’s winner of Yellow Buses’ ‘beat the bus bard’ competition.

He composed a ditty for the annual Valentine’s Day contest and won a magnificent bouquet of flowers and a 30 day Glo card.

And because it was the tenth anniversary of the competition he received a tin of Love Hearts – tin being the metal associated with a tenth anniversary.

Brian, who lives in Christchurch and works in Castle Lane in Bournemouth as a marketing and media manager, said: “I enter every year as I’m a bit of a romantic and I love poetry.

“I will be giving the flowers to my wife Sandie and as she uses the Yellows more than me I’ll give her the free 30 days’ travel as well.

“She works at Bournemouth Hospital and she’s kept all the poems I wrote to her from 20 years ago.”

Entrants were asked to complete the poem started by Yellows’ Head of Marketing Jenni Wilkinson, which began:

1s, 2s and 3

Get on the bus and Glo with me,

5s and 4s

We’d love to be yours.

So many services, so many ways

To travel with the Yellows on so many days

And Brian’s ending has the phrase ‘Yellow Buses Bournemouth’ spelled out in the first letter of each line.


Yet lonely I sit, I commute daily each way

Ever wondering if to keep quiet or something I should say.

Look there in the seat, to the left, close nearby

Life’s soon to be dream, but till then lonely I sigh.

Over I go I’m filled with life’s trepidation

Will it backfire, a polite no, or happy elation?

But before then, an excuse I need to say hello

Up I get, our eyes meet I say “Do you Glo?”

Sure I do, every month how did you know?

Every day I see you, I dream and in confidence I grow.

Single like me? Do you bus mile after mile?

Before they alight a pause then a smile.

On the bus tonight? Let’s meet at the back in the bus?

Uninterested in dating sites they ignore all that fuss.

Right until 5.00, then will they be there, finally yours?

Need a long ride home, get to know them, route 4 to West Moors.

Every closer it comes, will they be there, will they meet?

Moreover will it be crowded, will they get a seat?

Our time has come, there, waiting in line

Utopia calls, has love come, like the bus it’s on time.

Together they board, a seat at the back, both happy and mellow

Happiness together at last, and all thanks to the Yellows.   

The poem will now be included in the Valentine’s Day cards that the Yellows give out annually to passengers along with red roses.

Jenni Wilkinson said: “Brian always enters this competition and we’re delighted he’s won.

“It is a bit of fun for Valentine’s Day and as Brian and his wife are regular passengers it is quite fitting that he’s won the tenth annual competition.”