Bus company goes dementia friendly

Bus company goes dementia friendly

Dementia Friendly Yellow Buses

The Alzheimer’s Society has received a boost after it was presented with a cheque from the joint Yellow Buses/Daily Echo Carbon Stoppers initiative.

To further support the charity, Bournemouth’s brightest bus company has had three of its staff trained as ‘Dementia Friends Champions’.

They will deliver ‘Dementia Friends’ information sessions to the rest of the staff so they will be more able to recognise those with the condition.

Debra Horlock from the charity received a cheque for £200 from Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing and Customer Excellence at Yellow Buses.

The donation will help the charity in its work assisting those living with dementia and will also raise awareness about the condition.

Carbon Stoppers is a joint Yellow Buses /Daily Echo initiative that has handed out over £15,000 to charities and good causes since its launch in 2008.

Each week the Yellows hold a ‘Thank You Thursday’ when every trip taken by passengers on the day contributes to a separately administered Community Chest.

Debra said: “What we are trying to do is raise awareness about dementia so people with the condition can continue to live as they are for as long as possible.

“Our partnership with Yellow Buses means drivers will understand a bit more about dementia.

“Just little things can help people living with dementia and we also want to raise awareness to help erase stigma associated with it.”

Jenni Wilkinson said: “We think that helping those with dementia is incredibly important for a bus company.

“We are face-to-face with the public which was why we were so keen to get involved with the Alzheimer’s Society and support their work.

“Two of our trainers, Vince Vinter and Pete Diffy, and our HR manager Cathy Sinclair, have been trained as Dementia Friends Champions.

“They in turn will help the rest of our staff understand a bit more about how to treat those with the condition.

“Small things can make a huge difference and the more we can help them the longer they will be able to live independently.”