Ready, Steady, Go as Yellows claim UK firsts

Ready, Steady, Go as Yellows claim UK firsts


YELLOW Buses (YB) is claiming two UK firsts after launching a new unlimited one-hour bus fare and also 24 hour passes.

The one-hour fare, called Go, is automatically available to anyone using the bus company’s new mobile ticketing app called ‘YB Move.’

It will allow passengers to make unlimited bus journeys for just £1.99, within one hour of activating the ticket on the mobile.

Fiona Harwood, YB’s Marketing Sales Manager, said: “We really are leading the nation with the introduction of an hour mobile ticket. It will make travelling on the Yellows even easier and convenient.”

Appy ending. Yellows’ staff Fiona Harwood, Gareth Edwards and Ollie Wheatley with the ‘Move’ app.

YB’s latest initiative comes hot on the heels of passengers being able to instantly buy 30 day tickets on the app, alongside the popular seven and three day tickets.

Just as innovative as the one hour network pass, all period passes available on the YB Move are now in 24 hour periods. This allows passengers to buy a pass at any time and use the YB network for the full time purchased.

So, for example, if you arrive in Bournemouth in the evening and purchase a day ticket, it will still be available the next day up to the purchase time.

Apart from mobile ticketing, ‘Move’ also provides journey planning, live departure boards and disruption information in a single app.

Passengers are also able to ‘favourite’ stops and journeys they use regularly.

Tom Quay, Chief Executive Officer of Passenger Technology Group, the transport technology specialist behind the system powering the new ticket, said: “This new unlimited one hour ticket shows how mobile app technology makes it faster for operators to deliver improvements to customers. It demonstrates a powerful combination of new technology and transport strategy, designed to deliver better value fares that are easy to access for all passengers.

“We will continue to work closely with Yellow Buses to develop further innovative ticketing options to meet customer needs.”