Last stop for Steve

MD Andrew Smith (left) and Steve Sanders who has retired from Yellow Buses after 44 years.

MD Andrew Smith (left) and Steve Sanders who has retired from Yellow Buses after 44 years.

After 44 years behind the wheel of a Yellow Bus and driving a total of nearly 800,000 miles, Steve Sanders has pulled the handbrake on his career.

The popular driver has retired aged 66 after working a total of 2,053 weeks for Bournemouth’s brightest bus company.

Managing Director Andrew Smith was there to meet him after his final passengers were delivered to their destinations.

Steve joined the company in 1973 and spent six months as a conductor before getting behind the wheel.

Since then he has driven enough miles to take him to the moon and back … then to the moon again!

Steve said: “I’ve always liked the job; I joined as a stop-gap and just stayed.

“I like the actual nuts and bolts of the job and I will miss that, but also the friends and the camaraderie.

“Although the job is now essentially the same as when I started, the technology has made it different.

“When I joined there were no computers and some of the buses didn’t have power-steering.

“The vehicles have improved but there is more traffic and it goes much faster. I’m now looking forward to my retirement and spending time with my wife Sue.

“I’ll be back though, riding on the buses as a passenger and I’ll stay in touch with all my friends.”

MD Andrew Smith presented Steven with a token of the company’s appreciation and said: “I’d like to thank Steven for his long service

“Few people now spend their whole careers at one place but Steven has been a fixture on the buses for almost half a century.

“He’s very well known among the passengers and is always being recognised around town.

“I wish him all the very best for his retirement.”