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What is a CitizenCard?

It is a nationally recognised Proof of Age Photo ID Card scheme, backed by the Government, the Police, Trading Standards, Schools and Retailers. With a CitizenCard you can get a child fare, right up to your 19th birthday, regardless of whether you are in school uniform. You can get some great deals too. Young adults aged […]

What are the recognised Proof of Age cards when you are on the bus?

We accept our own Glo 17 smartcard and CitizenCard.

What do I need to get a Glo 17 card?

You can apply online using your valid CitizenCard number, if you don’t have a CitizenCard then you can apply in person at our Square office (in Bournemouth opposite Boots) with photographic proof of age, remember to bring a current passport sized photograph. Many schools and youth clubs have Glo 17 application forms locally, if yours […]

Why do I need a proof of age card?

Because if you are aged between 11 and 19, to purchase a Child Fare you will need to show a valid Glo 17 or CitizenCard.

How much does approved proof of age cost?

Glo 17 smartcards are free to apply for and are valid right up until your 19th birthday. A CitizenCard is free to apply for from your school for the first age range. CitizenCard may make a charge for any future cards. The age ranges that Citizencard offer are: Under 16 16/17 years Over 18 years […]