Blackpool – not just known for its dancing and sequins

This year we were lucky enough to send 3 members of staff up to Blackpool for the Bus Driver of the Year finals.

Juri, Georgie and Neil who won their way through at our local heat in July this year.  They are seen in the picture below with one of our trainers, Sam, enjoying a well earned meal before the big competition.

Juri, Georgie, Sam and Neil enjoying a well earned dinner

It’s an achievement not to be under estimated to represent your bus company in Blackpool, there are tens of thousands of PCV drivers in the UK and these three are right up there with the best, not least because they are prepared to put their driving skills to the test – much respect!

On the day, they did incredibly well after ten challenging tests all under the scrutiny of marshalls (think back to when you last had someone watching your every move and marking it); out of well over 100 drivers Neil came 11th and also won the RATP Group competitor highest finalist, Georgie came 23rd and was the 2nd highest RATP Group competitor and Juri came 33rd.  Those are some seriously talented results.

So proud of their amazing achievement on the day

So proud of their amazing achievement on the day

We are quite rightly, really proud of all of  them and their achievements and must also say a big thank you to the Training School, who do so much work to make these events possible, and of course are instrumental in the training to help everyone succeed to these sort of standards.  That is what it is all about here at The Yellows – Teamwork

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See you on the buses (who knows you could even be driving)

Jenni Wilkinson

Head of Marketing and Customer Excellence