Guest Blogger – Luke Beer #CTBW

We are thrilled during Catch the Bus Week #CTBW to have guest blogger Luke Beer from Harewood College with us

Luke came to us on work experience and has an interesting insight into what goes on to keep those Yellow Wheels rolling

Luke centre with left to right the Yellows Marketing team Gareth Edwards, Fiona Harwood, Ollie Wheatley, Karen Stretton, Jenni Wilkinson

Behind the Drivers, Buses, Timetables and Vibrant Yellow:

A week with Yellow Buses

By Luke Beer


Hi, my name is Luke and I spent last week working with the Yellow Buses marketing team. Before I came to Yellow Buses I was mistaken for thinking that, the brighter bus company was simply a mixture of drivers, buses, stops, and bright yellow. But, coming into Yellow Buses instantly changed that opinion. Behind the vibrant yellow is a dedicated army of staff working tirelessly to provide a good quality of service and keep the company running smoothly.

As a student currently studying A levels, Yellow Buses gave me the opportunity to spend a week with their marketing team as work experience. The small, but dedicated team consisted of marketing assistants and graphic designers, tasked with promoting services and providing key information to the public through their print and social media output. The task of keeping me out of trouble and mentoring me for the week fell largely to Marketing Assistant, Ollie Wheatley. And one of his main duties was to make sure businesses and organisations across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch had suitable timetables and various leaflets at their disposal for distribution. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought the timetables just appeared if by magic, delivered by the Yellow Buses Elf. But sorry to burst your bubble, but Ollie Wheatley is a man and he performs that role, although I’m sure he’d be happy to oblige you with the Elf role!

Day One at Yellow Buses started with meeting the team, before Ollie took me on a tour of the sites or ‘The Yellow Buses Empire’ as he called it. Wrapped in my high-vis jacket, I was guided through the various office environments within Yellow Buses and the workshop, where double deckers towered above me on stilts whilst they were worked on. Ollie taught me the basics of how they produce the Glo cards, and took me on a delivery run to some local schools and businesses to provide new Glo cards. In the afternoon, I saw what Graphic Designer Seb Hall got up to, designing the various leaflets so vital to the promotion of Yellow Buses. Witnessing the little tweaks and the striving for the aesthetic, I quickly concluded that this job was definitely one for those with patience and an acute eye to detail.

On Day Two I started by making a small batch of Glo cards for the area’s language schools before heading out with Karen Stretton, another Marketing Assistant, to the Abbey Life offices in Lansdowne for a lunchtime promotion focussed on highlighting the 5% discount for staff members. As a bit of a chatterbox, it was nice to head into another organisation and speak to staff about what Yellow Buses had to offer.

On the morning of my third day at Yellow Buses I headed out with Ollie to a local primary school to make sure a group of children heading out on a school trip boarded their bus without any issue and that we were there to make sure everything ran smoothly. Later in the day I made my way to the Yellow Buses enquiries office in the town centre, where I met up with Marketing Sales Manager Fiona Harwood, who took me to Bournemouth Library to have a look at the Yellow Buses’ Poetry Bus exhibition there. Although the weather was awful, we made our way to Pier Approach shortly afterwards, to chaperone another primary school who were making their way from the seafront back to school on one of our buses. Despite a busy bus with children, teachers and other passengers aboard the bus, everyone was able to get back safely with myself and Fiona making sure everything ran smoothly.

On my final day with the team I spent the morning experiencing what the Poetry and Gallery Buses’ were like, full of colour and creativity and definitely worth a look. Taking a ride on both, it was lovely to see the interest from fellow passengers at the unique and charming designs that decorated the buses’ interior. I also created a large number of Glo Cards, double-checking that all the cards had the correct values attached to them for an order, it was good to feel part of the team!

I had a wonderful time with all those at Yellow Buses, and would like to thank Jenni, Fiona, Ollie, Karen, Seb and Jackie for being so welcoming and giving me the opportunity to work with them. I was given the chance to take some responsibility for the tasks I was involved in, and really felt engaged with the work I was doing, as a result of that. I learnt a lot in my time and as Head of Marketing; Jenni would say, there certainly is more to Yellow Buses than just buses!



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So that is Luke’s take on the Yellows and for our part we were thrilled to have him with us, we are sharing in Catch the Bus Week #CTBW as we gave Luke the opportunity to see the buses in a different light, and that is what this week is all about -while you are here perhaps you could be a part of our team  check out our careers currently on offer 

See you on the Buses –

Jenni Wilkinson – Head of Marketing and Customer Excellence