Love on our lines…

Earlier this month we partnered up with Castlepoint Shopping Center and spent some time planning out a very special joint promotion for Valentine’s Day. Castlepoint were preparing to run a competition to giveaway a holiday for two to the Dominican Republic worth £3,000. In order to enter, customers at the shopping complex had to spend a minimum of £40 at certain stores, between the 7th and 14th February to be entered for the draw. During the week, Castlepoint had a luxury glamping tent on site where roses were being given away and customers were being invited to enter the competition.

Fine love on our lines

We were approached to help promote the event using our large bus network and were only too happy to help. We produced artwork for a double sided flyer illustrating which buses could take customers over to Castlepoint and highlighting the Valentine’s promotion. These flyers went out across our bus network to help spread the word. We also spent time in Bournemouth Square and at Bournemouth University assisting the promotions team as they handed out roses and flyers to lots of surprised and happy members of the public!

The promotions team in Bournemouth and on a Yellow Bus

On Valentine’s Day itself the Castlepoint promotions ladies once again manned the tent as they prepared for the final day of the competition, they were joined by the Yellow Bus team as we manned the pod and between us we gave away handfuls of roses, Love Heart sweets and promotional flyers. As well as boxes of Yellow Bus timetables! The day was a huge success and it was fantastic to have an impact on so many peoples day’s with something as simple as a free rose and some sweets.

As the day drew to a close anticipation grew to hear who had won out of the 400 shoppers that entered and at 6pm that evening lucky winner Katherine Rea, a AUB lecturer from Southbourne had her receipt drawn from the hat. Katherine revealed that it will be the first time that she has visited that part of the world and that plans will be made for some time later this year. She added: “I don’t enter many competitions and this is the first time I have won a major prize. The presentation of the competition was very well presented so it seemed a great idea to register my entry on Valentine’s Day.” Bill Riddle, Operations Manager at Castlepoint presented Catherine with her prize earlier this week. Well done Katherine! Winner Katherine Rea

Castlepoint are holding a special mother’s day competition so keep an eye on their website for more details!

YB001_Valentines_A5 Flyer