Unsung Heroes

We understand how frustrating the delays are following the lane closures on the A338 simple journeys are difficult and everything is taking longer than expected.


We made changes to some services ahead of the lane closures to alleviate the problems and are monitoring other services very closely, plus we have a brilliant team behind the scenes who are working hard to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We know how annoying it can be though when you are late for work, or the kids getting to school or just that it inconveniences your day, so when you talk about unsung heroes you imagine a story about one person and what they are quietly getting on with on a daily basis.  We have hundreds of them here at Yellow Buses; making sure that the services are running under quite extreme conditions at the moment on a daily basis, from our drivers to engineers and support staff.

Spare a thought please,  for our our drivers who are out there all day, they are doing a brilliant job and the delays are not of their making, so give them a smile and a wave it’s going to be a long 9 months, but the more people we can all encourage to travel by bus the more of those cars we can get off the road!

An important message we all need to ensure gets out is that Bournemouth is very much open for business, and has a whole lot of things to offer even when it takes a little longer to get there.

Thanks for your patience and good humour – it is very much appreciated by us all

See you on the buses

Jenni Wilkinson – Head of Marketing