Glo Cards

Replacement Glo cards/refunds

If you have lost your Glo card or it has been stolen, please contact us quickly with your details, so that no-one can use it. We will get a replacement card to you and transfer your credit. We will issue the first replacement free of charge, however, there will be a £5 charge for any […]

What is a walleted ticket?

A walleted ticket is an advance fare ticket. It allows you to buy several journeys or days of travel in one go at a reduced rate. Glo smartcards are the more modern alternative with a purse facility, that allows you to store credit too. A wallet looks like this:

Are my account details the same as the ones I used when applying for a Glo card?

Not necessarily. One account is capable of managing multiple Glo cards, and the email address/password can be totally different if you want them to be. Signing up for a Glo card does not automatically register you for an account, or vice versa.

While using my online account, what is my Card Serial Number?

Your Card Serial Number is a unique number, printed on the Glo card. This is for identification purposes and so we know who has which card. When you add a card to your account you can also add your own card name to make it easy to remember.

Can I still buy a single or return with my Glo card?

Yes, you can use our Glo Purse feature, topping up in £5 amounts right up to £50, then use it as you need to make your purchases, no need to worry about the right change anymore.