Glo Cards

Can my family and friends share my Glo card?

Yes you can, with a Glo card you can share it with your friends and family when you aren’t using it *. However, if you have a Glo 17 this is also a proof of age card entitling you to a child fare up to your 19th birthday, so this card is just for your […]

What are the range of top-ups available?

We currently have network cards for 7, 30 and 90 days available on our adult cards, and 7 and 30 day options on our child cards. Our Glo Purse* allows you to store credit in the card to purchase single, return or day tickets as required and you can top up in increments of £5. You […]

What if my Glo card is empty when I get on the bus and needs topping up?

Then you just ask and pay the driver for your travel you require whether it is for a period pass 7, 30 or 90 days, or to add to your Glo Purse*, place your Glo card on the target, and the driver will ‘top-up’ your card. You lift your card from the target and replace […]

There is an expiry date on the Glo 17 cards, why can’t you just show when the card finishes?

The expiry date on the Glo 17 shows when the actual card expires, which is the card holder’s 19th birthday, after that the card won’t accept any top-ups. We don’t print an expiry date on the cards for the value because they are re-useable and you can keep them for years.

Why do you need me to fill in the forms with my personal details to get a Glo Card?

Firstly we need to be able to send you your card, plus, we use the personal data you have given us to identify your card if it is lost or stolen. When you applied we asked if you wanted to receive updates about our services and products, if you didn’t tick that box you won’t […]