Glo Cards

I normally buy my travel through PayPoint can I still do this?

You can top your Glo card up at Paypoint, just hand your card over when you have paid for the travel type you require, and the agent will top it up ready to go, or you can also still purchase the walleted tickets. Discounted travel top ups are only available from the driver, online, or […]

What is a Glo Purse?

Your Glo card can store credit allowing you to purchase single, return and day tickets from the driver, so you never have to worry about having the correct change. We call this Glo Purse* and it is available on all our smartcards. If you’ve registered for an account online, you can check your Glo Purse […]

What do I do when I get on the bus with a Glo card?

You beep and Glo! With a travel pass you just place your Glo card on the target by the ticket machine and it will ‘read’ the value and beep. If you are buying your travel with the purse* just ask for your fare as normal and show the driver your Glo card. * Glo Purse […]

How can I add a new Glo card to my online account?

To get a new Glo card, click here. To add your new Glo card to an online account couldn’t be simpler. From the Account Overview screen, click Add Card. Enter your card details carefully, and give it a name so it’s easy to identify and remember for you. Hit submit and the process is complete, […]

If my Glo card is empty shall I just get another one?

No, don’t throw your Glo card away, it can be used over and over again, making it much better for the environment and really simple for you to use. You just need to top your Glo card up: In our office in the Square (opposite Boots) On the bus from the driver (cash only) At […]