Mobile Ticketing App

How do I stop my Move account from being blocked?

Customers logging in/out of the phone two times or more OR using more than one device and logging in and out more than twice within 24 hours, will be blocked for 8 hours, for security reasons.

How do I download Move?

You can get started straight away by clicking on the relevant app store link below – Google Play for Android and Apple app store for iOS.     Alternatively, you can also visit the app store on your iOS or Android device and search for ‘YB Move’. Find out more about the YB Move app

Can I activate multiple tickets on one device?

Yes, you can activate more than one ticket at a time on the same device. This allows you to have a 30 day ticket for every day use, and then buy a ticket for a journey that your 30 day ticket doesn’t cover, e.g. to a different zone.    

How do I get started?

Log into your account, or register if you’re a first time user, and select the mobile ticket that suits you best. If it is your first purchase you will need to add a payment card. These are saved securely by the payment provider so are not in your device. For iPhone 6 users the iOS version of […]

Can I share my mobile ticket?

If you are happy to let someone have your mobile device they could use it on another journey, but they won’t be able to use it on the same trip as you. In that way it is like your Glo card or a paper ticket, but if you do want to travel as a group we do […]