Online Top-Ups

How to sign-up for an account

Signing up is easy. Have your Glo card to hand so you can add it to your account, and simply provide your email and preferred password. Your password should be a minimum of five characters, and we ask you to type it twice to make sure it’s correct. We also ask that you accept our […]

Are my account details the same as the ones I used when applying for a Glo card?

Not necessarily. One account is capable of managing multiple Glo cards, and the email address/password can be totally different if you want them to be. Signing up for a Glo card does not automatically register you for an account, or vice versa.

Can I top up my child’s card online?

Yes. By adding your child’s Glo card to your account you will be able to add Child Passes and credit for them to use without having to maintain multiple accounts. For more information, see: “How many cards can I add to an online account?”

Is there a limit to how much I can top-up?

There is a Glo Purse* limit of £50, which means you can’t add more than £50 of credit to a Glo card. There’s no limit on passes, so feel free to buy as many of those as you wish. * Glo Purse available to purchase in increments of £5 up to  £50 pounds.

Can I use Facebook to log in if I’ve already registered?

If you’ve signed up normally in the past, but want to use Facebook to sign in now, you can. As long as your profile email address matches the one you use for Facebook, clicking the Facebook Connect button on the log in screen will log you in as your normal account, hassle free. If you […]