Online Top-Ups

Can I stop using Facebook and log in normally?

If you decide to stop using Facebook, for whatever reason, you can disconnect your account from your Facebook by changing your Password on the Personal Details page. From then on, just log in with your email (the one associated with your Facebook account) and new password.

While using my online account, what is my Card Serial Number?

Your Card Serial Number is a unique number, printed on the Glo card. This is for identification purposes and so we know who has which card. When you add a card to your account you can also add your own card name to make it easy to remember.

While using my online account, what is the card name?

All cards come with a unique number (known as a Card Serial Number) for identification purposes, but this can be difficult to memorise. That’s why when you add a card, we let you give it a name, so you don’t have to remember the serial number. The name you pick does not have to be […]

Why does the website show a different balance to the bus?

Transactions (from any source) do not show up on your Account Overview and Card Details until the following day. Additionally, any transaction you make online will not be available on buses until the following day. You can still make additional transactions as usual and when they show up they will have been processed and combined […]

How many cards can I add to my online account?

As many as you would like: Family members, children, friends are all welcome on your account. However, you should be aware that each card can only be added to one account at a time – So if you decide for example, to bring your child’s Glo card into your account you must first ensure it […]