Online Top-Ups

I accidentally deleted my card from my online account – Can I recover it?

Just add the card again the usual way and you’ll be able to see its balance or top it up again. You won’t lose any top-ups but your Account History will no longer show any old transactions.

What is My Account?

My Account is a great way to keep your Glo card topped up for all your travelling needs. The idea is simple: All the period passes 10 Trip, Multi Days or Glo Purse* credit you would usually buy on a bus, you can now get online, which saves you time and hassle. Not got your […]

How soon can I use my online purchases?

If you top up online before midnight, your purchase will be available the next day for you to use on a bus, regardless of whether it’s a pass or a bit more credit. You won’t notice it but when you put your Glo card onto the target on the bus your pass or product will be […]

Can I still top-up on a bus or in the shop if I pay online?

Yes you can. If you top-up on a bus, your account will reflect your purchasing decision by the following day. Whether you buy online or on the bus, if you use the same card you’ll find your account reflects everything you’ve bought, regardless of where you bought it.

What can I purchase online?

Anything your Glo card usually allows you to purchase, you will be able to purchase online through your account. That means if you’ve got a Route 1 card, you’ll be able to add Route 1 passes, and if you’ve got a Child Pass you can add your discounted child rate passes. You can also add […]