What is a CitizenCard?

It is a nationally recognised Proof of Age Photo ID Card scheme, backed by the Government, the Police, Trading Standards, Schools and Retailers.

With a CitizenCard you can get a child fare, right up to your 19th birthday, regardless of whether you are in school uniform. You can get some great deals too.

Young adults aged between 11- 19th birthday, will require a CitizenCard to purchase a Child Fare. Remember to purchase your child day ticket or return earlier in the day as we do not issue child tickets after 22:00.

Local schools have agreed to participate, easing congestion at the beginning and end of the day, and giving their students the best possible choices both in and out of school.

If your school isn’t participating, we will happily provide full information for them, or you can apply directly to CitizenCard, Suite 235, The Citadel Business Centre, Bath Road, Chippenham,SN15 2AB, or telephone them on 08454 796759 mentioning Yellow Buses.

A CitizenCard is initially free to apply for from your school for the first age range. CitizenCard may make a charge for any future cards.

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