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Do you know which Glo is right for you?

Here is a handy explanation of each Glo card type

Standard Network –  comes in Adult & Glo 17 versions and is a pass for consecutive days available in 7, 30 & 90* days  you can use your Standard Network Glo right across the network on all services as many times as you need within a day (you will need to wait 5 minutes between use)

These are great if you travel regularly with us, or use different services daily or even within the day dependant on your journey.

*90 day adult Glo only

Route 1 Promo Fare – These are only available in Adult cards and again is a pass for consecutive days 7 a& 30 but this time they are for use just on the 1a 1b 1c although you can use it as many times as you need within a day (you will need to wait 5 minutes between use)

If you only travel on the 1’s and never need another service this is the one for you

10 Trip – these are available in Adult & Glo 17 versions and are a carnet product of 10 single journeys.  You can use them as you need to and are valid for 10 trips or 12 months from purchase.

If you only travel occasionally or maybe your son and daughter catches the bus  to school but has clubs after this might be just the one for you

10 Multi Day – Another carnet,  this time for 10 individual days;  they are available in Adult & Glo 17 versions.  You can use these as individual day tickets as you need them and are valid for 12 months from purchase – you can use them across the network all day on as many services as you need (you will need to wait 5 minutes between use)

These are for you if you don’t use the bus every day, but need to make several trips it’s more convenient than buying it on te bus as you can just beep and Glo

Each of the cards here come with Glo Purse – our electronic purse which means you need never worry about having the right change again, plus you can save when you purchase many of our ‘on the day’ cash fares.  Available on both adult and Glo 17 why not have some ‘rainy day’ money so you never have to worry about not being able to find your fare

If you still have some questions that we haven’t answered why not visit our information centre where we have lots of FAQ’s

If you are an existing Glo card holder and you require a replacement if your card has been lost or damaged, or you still need some help, let us know so you can [email protected]

Please allow 7 working days for delivery

If you are applying for a Glo17 card entitling you to a child fare until your 18th birthday, you will need a current photograph of yourself and details of your CitizenCard.

Note: Use an image that is less than 2MB. You can crop and resize the photo once it has uploaded. Uploading a large file may take longer, depending on your connection speed. We reserve the right to reject any unsuitable photo content and you are advised not to use pictures which are copyrighted.